Future of Work

Nov 2018

What does this current age of influence mean for the future of work? From internships, all the way up to senior executives, it is a revolution that is promising to alter the business world, as we know it.

Aug 2018

Everyday we hear of stories of candidates leaving companies in acrimonious ways. I so often say – leaving an organisation is often like a “divorce” and grief occurs. It is always a sensitive and emotional time. This once again reinforces the old adage “Never burn your bridges”.

Jan 2018

Your career is important to us. 
At Mondo, we take a long term view to relationships. 
We believe in building enduring relationships that 
add value to your career over the long term whether 
that is through finding you a new role, helping 
you connect, or supporting you in your current role.

Jan 2018

Resume writing can be challenging at the best of times. Including all the necessary information and key points about your entire career in a format that is easy to read, could be the difference between getting an interview and not getting an interview.

Nov 2017

The Interview is just the start of a combination of smart hiring techniques. Get smart with new and innovative hiring techniques!