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Mondo makes business easier. We connect great companies with quality people – we connect calibre. Mondo provides a variety of services to support individuals and businesses in achieving their goals. We work to provide a competitive edge to both companies and clients as a trusted advisor. We guide and develop your individual brand to accelerate your career goals in this ultra-competitive market. We create partnerships through mentor programs to help support and navigate your career.

With over 20 years of experience, placing over 2,700 leaders in business, Mondo knows how to continuously find and harness the very best talent – good people know other good people. Ultimately, we match real people with real businesses, who together can create something extraordinary.

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Many of our appointments at the senior or board level are highly confidential and we do not openly advertise these roles. We have a number of active confidential roles at any one time. Please get in touch with us directly if you would like to discuss an opportunity.


The wonderful pause at year end allows us to review, regroup, revitalise and reprogram direction ahead. Simone Allan, Mondo's Director was recently featured in the Drinks Magazine, pg. 21 to discuss the topic.
Gone are the days when we choose to stay in one role for an entire lifetime with the hope of a gold watch on retirement!
Networking builds strong multi level marketing organisations, but there is another style of networking that is very focused on finding just one or two people, not an ever growing group.