Executive Search

Mondo offers a well respected and effective Executive Search and Recruitment service, focusing on providing a boutique approach that demonstrates how we deeply care about finding the best hidden talent with ease. We have an intimate knowledge of the executive talent pool from many years of dedication and specialisation across differing industry sectors. We carry out market mapping, talent identification quests and highly confidential searches for our clients. Our aim is to secure a common charter for talent acquisition from a board level to ensure smart executive execution and ultimately solid results.

Mondo is not a ‘transactional’ executive recruitment service and we do not rely heavily on advertising. We know individuals not on the job market but actually in the job market – doing a great job somewhere else. Often these people have not even written a resume. We work with amazing talent through our research, our active integral database and the people we seek out by talking to our network of expert contacts in our chosen specialist industries. It is not hard to match a skill set on a resume to a position description. The real skill is to match the personality of the candidate with the client culture. To achieve this result the search consultant needs a much more intimate understanding of the cultural idiosyncrasies of both the client and the industry.

Why partner with us?
> Experienced Research Team
> Extensive Database of over 60,000
> Interviewed over 22,000 leading executives
> Placed 2,700 business leaders
> 70% of clients 15+ year tenure
> Long guarantee periods
> A focus on long-term relationships with our clients and organisations.
> Future Proofing businesses.

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